Hair Loss Hospital – How to Find a Hair Loss Hospital

a hair loss hospital

Hair loss can be emotionally devastating to men and women. It is important to understand that this condition can be treated and reversed. The first step is to determine the cause of the hair loss. Your dermatologist will review your medical history and examine your scalp, hair and nails. It is important to ask about your family history, as some types of hair loss are hereditary. For example, male pattern baldness is caused by the shrinking of follicular units from a “donor site” usually on the back of the scalp. This is why a hair restoration transplant is reserved for patients who have tried more conservative treatments and have not found success.

The hair restoration surgery is a surgical procedure that relocates existing hair from a part of your scalp known as the donor site, usually on the back of the head, to the area where you have lost hair. This will restore the fullness to your hairline and crown.