Effective Dental Marketing Tips For Your Practice

Dental marketing

Many dental practices struggle with marketing. They may try the latest marketing fad and hope it sticks, but they don’t really understand WHY it works for their successful peers. This results in a lot of wasted time, effort and money. Having a well-thought-out strategy for your dental practice is the best way to attract new patients.

The first step is getting your online presence established. This includes making sure your practice is listed with a business profile on Google and that it shows up in search results for local searches (like “dentist near me”). It also means writing quality content, such as informative blog posts and social media posts, that help people find your office.

Patient testimonials and reviews are critical for dental marketing. Over 40% of Americans select a dentist based on their reviews, so be sure to ask your happy patients to share their experiences on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Including before-and-after photos is another way to get people talking and showcasing your services.

Another effective dental marketing tactic is to offer deals and specials for new and existing patients. Whether it’s a free exam or a discount on their next filling, a good offer will get people talking and bringing in friends. Make your offers as unique as your dental practice, though — don’t just copy your competitors’ offerings. People love one-stop shopping, but you want to stand out with a compelling deal that gives them something that they can’t find anywhere else.

Creative dental marketing often involves establishing relationships with other businesses in your area or industry. This doesn’t mean partnering with your competition, but rather businesses that share a similar audience. For example, a dental office could team up with an orthodontist to offer discounts to families together or a gym to promote healthy lifestyles.

With most practices converting to digitalized systems, email is a valuable marketing tool for reaching out to current and potential customers. The right software can automate appointment reminders and even respond to customer enquiries with automated follow up emails triggered by keywords.

One other effective dental marketing tip is to use video. This is especially important for reaching millennials, who are often hesitant to visit the dentist but are highly active on social media. It can be as simple as recording a short, informational video on YouTube and posting it to Instagram or TikTok.

The final piece of the puzzle is leveraging your online presence to grow your business. This includes boosting your website and using paid ads on Facebook, Google, and other platforms. Paid ads reach a wider audience than organic social posts, and they’re a great way to reach new patients without having to compete with your neighbors for visibility.

With a strong online presence, an effective marketing strategy and plenty of referrals, your dental practice should be able to thrive. If not, be sure to reach out to a digital marketing agency that can help you develop and implement the perfect strategy for your needs.